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Picture of Law kumar  sharma
Date of Birth
Sl.No.Batch NameCourseTrainee
1DTC LATEHAR:04-Feb-2020 to 07-Feb-2020(NIIT)IIF FORM TRAINING3
2DTC LATEHAR:23-Oct-2019 to 24-Oct-2019(NIIT)IIF FORM TRAINING6
3DTC LATEHAR:21-Oct-2019 to 22-Oct-2019(NIIT)IIF FORM TRAINING4
4DTC LATEHAR:17-Oct-2019 to 19-Oct-2019(NIIT)IIF FORM TRAINING5
5DTC LATEHAR:14-Oct-2019 to 16-Oct-2019(NIIT)IIF FORM TRAINING9
6DTC LATEHAR:17-Dec-2018 to 21-Dec-2018(NIIT)IIF FORM TRAINING7
7DTC LATEHAR:10-Dec-2018 to 14-Dec-2018(NIIT)IIF FORM TRAINING5
8DTC LATEHAR:04-Dec-2018 to 08-Dec-2018(NIIT)IIF FORM TRAINING6
9DTC LATEHAR:28-Nov-2018 to 03-Dec-2018(NIIT)IIF FORM TRAINING10
10DTC LATEHAR:29-Oct-2018 to 02-Nov-2018(NIIT)IIF FORM TRAINING6
11DTC LATEHAR:22-Oct-2018 to 26-Oct-2018(NIIT)IIF FORM TRAINING8
12DTC LATEHAR:08-Oct-2018 to 13-Oct-2018(NIIT)IIF FORM TRAINING6
13DTC LATEHAR:01-Oct-2018 to 05-Oct-2018(NIIT)IIF FORM TRAINING5
14DTC LATEHAR:11-Sep-2018 to 14-Sep-2018(NIIT)IIF FORM TRAINING7
15DTC LATEHAR:05-Sep-2018 to 07-Sep-2018(NIIT)IIF FORM TRAINING8
16DTC LATEHAR:04-Jun-2018 to 08-Jun-2018(NIIT)IIF FORM TRAINING8
17DTC LATEHAR:14-May-2018 to 18-May-2018(NIIT)IIF FORM TRAINING4
18DTC LATEHAR:07-May-2018 to 11-May-2018(NIIT)IIF FORM TRAINING6
19DTC LATEHAR:02-May-2018 to 05-May-2018(NIIT)IIF FORM TRAINING3
20DTC LATEHAR:23-Apr-2018 to 27-Apr-2018(NIIT)IIF FORM TRAINING8
21DTC LATEHAR:09-Apr-2018 to 13-Apr-2018(NIIT)IIF FORM TRAINING8
22DTC LATEHAR:03-Apr-2018 to 07-Apr-2018(NIIT)IIF FORM TRAINING7
23DTC LATEHAR:19-Mar-2018 to 24-Mar-2018(NIIT)IIF FORM TRAINING4
24DTC LATEHAR:13-Mar-2018 to 17-Mar-2018(NIIT)IIF FORM TRAINING5
25DTC LATEHAR:06-Mar-2018 to 09-Mar-2018(NIIT)IIF FORM TRAINING5
26DTC LATEHAR:19-Feb-2018 to 23-Feb-2018(NIIT)IIF FORM TRAINING7
27DTC LATEHAR:12-Feb-2018 to 16-Feb-2018(NIIT)IIF FORM TRAINING6
28DTC LATEHAR:29-Jan-2018 to 02-Feb-2018(NIIT)IIF FORM TRAINING5
29DTC LATEHAR:22-Jan-2018 to 25-Jan-2018(NIIT)IIF FORM TRAINING5
30DTC LATEHAR:15-Jan-2018 to 19-Jan-2018(NIIT)IIF FORM TRAINING4
31DTC LATEHAR:08-Jan-2018 to 12-Jan-2018(NIIT)IIF FORM TRAINING9
32DTC LATEHAR:11-Dec-2017 to 15-Dec-2017(NIIT)IIF FORM TRAINING4
33DTC LATEHAR:04-Dec-2017 to 08-Dec-2017(NIIT)IIF FORM TRAINING7
34DTC LATEHAR:28-Nov-2017 to 01-Dec-2017(NIIT)IIF FORM TRAINING6
35DTC PALAMU:07-Nov-2017 to 12-Nov-2017(NIIT)IIF FORM TRAINING10
36DTC PALAMU:30-Oct-2017 to 03-Nov-2017(NIIT)IIF FORM TRAINING8
37DTC PALAMU:20-Sep-2017 to 26-Sep-2017(NIIT)IIF FORM TRAINING5
38DTC PALAMU:01-Aug-2017 to 07-Aug-2017(NIIT)IIF FORM TRAINING10
39DTC PALAMU:25-Jul-2017 to 31-Jul-2017(NIIT)IIF FORM TRAINING10
40DTC PALAMU:19-Jul-2017 to 24-Jul-2017(NIIT)IIF FORM TRAINING9

Basic IT Trainees Enrolled : 31987

CAS Trainees Enrolled : 15712

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