DTC SSP RANCHI:17-Feb-2012 to 23-Feb-2012
    District : RANCHI
    Training Centre : DTC RANCHI SSP
    Course : Basic IT and Awareness
    Batch Time : 0:0 - 0:0
    Trainer : Picture of Prasoon kumar Prasoon Kumar(NIIT)
    Trainee : 31
Sl.No. Trainee NameDesignationPolice NoPolice StationGrade
1Picture of AJAY SHARMA Ajay SharmaCONSTABLE 80Kanke T. O.p.
2Picture of AMAR KUMAR YADAV Amar Kumar YadavCONSTABLE 1468C.i. Chutia
3Picture of ANIL KUMAR SINGH Anil Kumar SinghCONSTABLE 134Jagrnathpur P.s.
4Picture of ARBIND PRASAD YADAY Arbind Prasad YadayCONSTABLE 771Angra Thana
5Picture of ASHOK KUMAR SINGH Ashok Kumar SinghCONSTABLE 1746Nagari Ps.
6Picture of AWADHESH KUMAR MISHRA Awadhesh Kumar MishraASST. SUB INSPECTOR Kotwali Thana
7Picture of BABAN KUMAR YADAV Baban Kumar YadavCONSTABLE 679C.i. Off. Lalpur
8Picture of BHAGIRATH RAY Bhagirath RayCONSTABLE 897Bundu P.s.
9Picture of BHARAT TIWARI Bharat TiwariCONSTABLE 425Pundag O.p.
10Picture of DEVENDRA KUMAR SINGH Devendra Kumar SinghCONSTABLE 529Ratu Thana
11Picture of DINANATH PRASAD Dinanath PrasadSUB INSPECTOR Silli P.s.
12Picture of JAGDISH PRASAD SINGH Jagdish Prasad SinghASST. SUB INSPECTOR Nagri Ps.
13Picture of JAY BAHADUR SINGH Jay Bahadur SinghCONSTABLE 1041Doranda Thana
14Picture of JAY NATH RAM Jay Nath RamCONSTABLE 1783Tatisilwai Thana
15Picture of KALYAN BARA Kalyan BaraCONSTABLE 2751Reserve Office
16Picture of KAUSHAL KISHOR Kaushal KishorCONSTABLE 481Tamar Thana
17Picture of KOROK KUMAR MUKHERJEE Korok Kumar MukherjeeASST. SUB INSPECTOR Sikidiri Thana
18Picture of KULDEV TANTI Kuldev TantiCONSTABLE 1408Itki Thana
19Picture of LALESHWAR PASWAR Laleshwar PaswarASST. SUB INSPECTOR Mandar Thana
20Picture of LAXMAN GOP Laxman GopCONSTABLE 176Mandar P.s.
21Picture of MANOJ KUMAR SINGH Manoj Kumar SinghCONSTABLE 2708Police Line
22Picture of MANOJ KUMAR SINGH Manoj Kumar SinghCONSTABLE 1559C.i. West Off. Ranchi
23Picture of NAVIN KUMAR SINGH Navin Kumar SinghCONSTABLE 2475Tech.cell
24Picture of RAMLAL RANA Ramlal RanaCONSTABLE 220Chutia P.s.
25Picture of RANABANSH NARAYAN SINGH Ranabansh Narayan SinghASST. SUB INSPECTOR Muri Thana
26Picture of RITLAL PRASAD YADAV Ritlal Prasad YadavCONSTABLE 1520Sukhdeo Nagar P.s.
27Picture of SHYAMAKANT TRIPHATI Shyamakant TriphatiCONSTABLE 925Dhurwa Thana
28Picture of SHYAMKISHOR SAH Shyamkishor SahASST. SUB INSPECTOR Bariatu P.s.
29Picture of SUBHLAXMI SHARMA Subhlaxmi SharmaASST. SUB INSPECTOR Dhurwa P.s.
30Picture of SURENDRA ORAON Surendra OraonCONSTABLE 3211Dsp.hq. - 2
31Picture of UPENDRA RAJAK Upendra RajakSUB INSPECTOR Tamar Thana

Batch Image:

Basic IT Trainees Enrolled : 31987

CAS Trainees Enrolled : 15712

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