DTC RAMGARH:14-Dec-2011 to 20-Dec-2011
    District : RAMGARH
    Training Centre : DTC RAMGARH
    Course : Basic IT and Awareness
    Batch Time : 0:0 - 0:0
    Trainer : Picture of DEEPAK KUMAR Deepak Kumar(NIIT)
    Trainee : 15
Sl.No. Trainee NameDesignationPolice NoPolice StationGrade
1Picture of  Arun Kr Pathak Arun Kr PathakASST. SUB INSPECTOR West Bokaro Op
2Picture of  Baidyanath Saw Baidyanath SawCONSTABLE 91Sp Residence
3Picture of  Bijandra Kumar Bijandra KumarCONSTABLE 350Gola Ps
4Picture of  Chandrika Prasad Chandrika PrasadSUB INSPECTOR Ramgarh Ps
5Picture of  Hiro Ravi Das Hiro Ravi DasCONSTABLE 320Ramgarh Ps
6Picture of  Kaam Deo Mahto Kaam Deo MahtoCONSTABLE 143Minister Residence
7Picture of  Mahadeo Chaudhary Mahadeo ChaudharyCONSTABLE 163West Bokaro Op
8Picture of  Parshu Ram Singh Parshu Ram SinghASST. SUB INSPECTOR Bhurkunda Op
9Picture of  Satish Kumar Singh Satish Kumar SinghCONSTABLE 374Barlanga Ps
10Picture of  Shankar Purty Shankar PurtyCONSTABLE 295Patratu Ps
11Picture of  Sitesh Kumar Sitesh KumarCONSTABLE 379Bhurkunda Op
12Picture of  Sudhir Kumar Sudhir KumarCONSTABLE 137Bhurkunda Op
13Picture of  Tarak Nath Singh Tarak Nath SinghCONSTABLE 176Kujju Op
14Picture of  Vinay Kumar Mishra Vinay Kumar MishraCONSTABLE 363Patratu Ps
15Picture of Pradeep kumar Das Pradeep Kumar DasCONSTABLE 152Kuju Op

Batch Image:

Basic IT Trainees Enrolled : 31987

CAS Trainees Enrolled : 15712

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