DTC JAP1 RANCHI:21-Dec-2011 to 28-Dec-2011
    District : RANCHI
    Training Centre : DTC RANCHI JAP1
    Course : Basic IT and Awareness
    Batch Time : 0:0 - 0:0
    Trainer : Picture of Sajid Anwar Sajid Anwar(NIIT)
    Trainee : 28
Sl.No. Trainee NameDesignationPolice NoPolice StationGrade
1Picture of Amit Barayeli Amit BarayeliCONSTABLE 1661
2Picture of Baburam Upadhyay Baburam UpadhyayHAVALDAR 1182
3Picture of Damodar Singh Chhetry Damodar Singh ChhetryCONSTABLE 1237
4Picture of Dil Bahadur Majhi Dil Bahadur MajhiCONSTABLE 702
5Picture of Divakar Lama Divakar LamaCONSTABLE 727
6Picture of Govind Rai Govind RaiCONSTABLE 672
7Picture of Hira Bahadur Thapa Hira Bahadur ThapaCONSTABLE 1653
8Picture of Kamoj Pun Kamoj PunSUB INSPECTOR
9Picture of Khadak Bahadur Chhetry Khadak Bahadur ChhetryHAVALDAR 1164
10Picture of Lab Kumar Rana Lab Kumar RanaCONSTABLE 834
11Picture of Lekh Bahadur Rana Lekh Bahadur RanaHAVALDAR 1327
12Picture of Mahendra Singh Gurung Mahendra Singh GurungSUB INSPECTOR
13Picture of Mahesh Chhetry Mahesh ChhetryCONSTABLE 1172
14Picture of Mek Bahadur Tamang Mek Bahadur TamangHAVALDAR 944
15Picture of Parimal Rai Parimal RaiCONSTABLE 719
16Picture of Rajendra Gurung Rajendra GurungCONSTABLE 599
17Picture of Rajkumar Singh Chhetry Rajkumar Singh ChhetryCONSTABLE 171
18Picture of Raju Thapa Raju ThapaCONSTABLE 1657
19Picture of Samdup Tamang Samdup TamangCONSTABLE 1113
20Picture of Sant Suwar Sant SuwarCONSTABLE 1483
21Picture of Santosh Kumar Thapa Santosh Kumar ThapaCONSTABLE 694
22Picture of Seyam Bahadur Navwadh Seyam Bahadur NavwadhCONSTABLE 1116
23Picture of Shankar Tamang Shankar TamangCONSTABLE 692
24Picture of Suk Maya Sum Suk Maya SumHAVALDAR 497
25Picture of Sunil Kumar Sunil KumarCONSTABLE 1662
26Picture of Suraj Chhetry Suraj ChhetryCONSTABLE 773
27Picture of Tek Bahadur Newar Tek Bahadur NewarHAVALDAR 965
28Picture of Vikash Tamang Vikash TamangHAVALDAR 433

Batch Image:

Basic IT Trainees Enrolled : 31987

CAS Trainees Enrolled : 15712

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