DTC CHAIBASA:04-Jul-2012 to 10-Jul-2012
    District : WEST SINGHBHUM
    Training Centre : DTC CHAIBASA
    Course : Basic IT and Awareness
    Batch Time : 15:0 - 19:0
    Trainer : Picture of Krishna Kalundia Krishna Kalundia(NIIT)
    Trainee : 30
Sl.No. Trainee NameDesignationPolice NoPolice StationGrade
1Picture of anil kumar singh Anil Kumar SinghCONSTABLE 633
2Picture of bandhu ram Bandhu RamCONSTABLE 364
3Picture of binay mundu Binay MunduCONSTABLE 954Police Line
4Picture of bishwanath mahto Bishwanath MahtoCONSTABLE 1374
5Picture of deepak tigga Deepak TiggaCONSTABLE 1324
6Picture of deobrat tripathy Deobrat TripathyCONSTABLE 215
7Picture of devnath pal Devnath PalCONSTABLE 1575
8Picture of domnik surin Domnik SurinCONSTABLE 1354
9Picture of jayram hembram Jayram HembramCONSTABLE 457
10Picture of jhalku pradhan Jhalku PradhanCONSTABLE 343
11Picture of jiten singh Jiten SinghCONSTABLE 359
12Picture of johnson kujur Johnson KujurCONSTABLE 375Police Line
13Picture of koushal kishor singh Koushal Kishor SinghCONSTABLE 367
14Picture of mahadeo oraon Mahadeo OraonCONSTABLE 134
15Picture of Md. Asgar Md. AsgarCONSTABLE 950
16Picture of muneshwar leyangi Muneshwar LeyangiCONSTABLE 486
17Picture of nimay kumar singh Nimay Kumar SinghCONSTABLE 304
18Picture of nimbulal marandi Nimbulal MarandiCONSTABLE 158Manjhgaon
19Picture of rabindra nath hansda Rabindra Nath HansdaCONSTABLE 1060
20Picture of ramchandra mandi Ramchandra MandiCONSTABLE 153
21Picture of ramesh kumar Ramesh KumarCONSTABLE 1084
22Picture of sahendra paswan Sahendra PaswanCONSTABLE 482
23Picture of santosh tiwary Santosh TiwaryCONSTABLE 632
24Picture of setlal barla Setlal BarlaCONSTABLE 1150
25Picture of shiv charan tudu Shiv Charan TuduCONSTABLE 1512
26Picture of shyamal biswas Shyamal BiswasCONSTABLE 58
27Picture of sujit kumar suman Sujit Kumar SumanCONSTABLE 817
28Picture of surendra nath sardar Surendra Nath SardarCONSTABLE 1139
29Picture of suresh oraon Suresh OraonCONSTABLE 729
30Picture of Wilson Bara Wilson BaraCONSTABLE 399Tantnagar O.p

Batch Image:

Basic IT Trainees Enrolled : 31987

CAS Trainees Enrolled : 15712

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