DTC JAMSHEDPUR:08-Aug-2012 to 14-Aug-2012
    District : EAST SINGHBHUM
    Training Centre : DTC JAMSHEDPUR
    Course : Basic IT and Awareness
    Batch Time : 0:0 - 0:0
    Trainer : Picture of Prafful Kumar Prafful Kumar(NIIT)
    Trainee : 29
Sl.No. Trainee NameDesignationPolice NoPolice StationGrade
1Picture of ajit singh Ajit SinghCONSTABLE 2049
2Picture of ajit sumbrui Ajit SumbruiCONSTABLE 1897
3Picture of amit kumar Amit KumarCONSTABLE 2245
4Picture of anand kumar Anand KumarCONSTABLE 1681
5Picture of anuj singh Anuj SinghASST. SUB INSPECTOR
6Picture of anuj tiwari Anuj TiwariCONSTABLE 1710
7Picture of bipin kunwar Bipin KunwarCONSTABLE 1678
8Picture of buka jonko Buka JonkoCONSTABLE 2185
9Picture of janak kishore Janak KishoreSUB INSPECTOR
10Picture of jumrati ansari Jumrati AnsariCONSTABLE 635
11Picture of kamalnath singh Kamalnath SinghASST. SUB INSPECTOR
12Picture of kanhaiya singh Kanhaiya SinghSUB INSPECTOR
13Picture of lakshman mahali Lakshman MahaliCONSTABLE 703
14Picture of malku uraon Malku UraonSUB INSPECTOR
15Picture of markando sundi Markando SundiCONSTABLE 2226
16Picture of nandlal purty Nandlal PurtyCONSTABLE 1924Dumaria
17Picture of niranjan singh Niranjan SinghCONSTABLE 1186
18Picture of pravin kachhap Pravin KachhapCONSTABLE
19Picture of rahin mahato Rahin MahatoCONSTABLE 1965
20Picture of rajaram singh Rajaram SinghSUB INSPECTOR
21Picture of ramnaresh singh Ramnaresh SinghCONSTABLE 809
22Picture of ranjit pandey Ranjit PandeyCONSTABLE 1912
23Picture of rasik tiria Rasik TiriaSUB INSPECTOR
24Picture of rupesh singh Rupesh SinghCONSTABLE 1978
25Picture of sachidanand singh Sachidanand SinghCONSTABLE 415
26Picture of sambhu narayan choudhary Sambhu Narayan ChoudharyCONSTABLE 218
27Picture of santosh mishra Santosh MishraCONSTABLE 2010
28Picture of sohrab khan Sohrab KhanCONSTABLE
29Picture of sujit sahu Sujit SahuCONSTABLE 1923

Batch Image:

Basic IT Trainees Enrolled : 31987

CAS Trainees Enrolled : 15712

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