DTC JAMSHEDPUR:25-Apr-2012 to 01-May-2012
    District : EAST SINGHBHUM
    Training Centre : DTC JAMSHEDPUR
    Course : Basic IT and Awareness
    Batch Time : 0:0 - 0:0
    Trainer : Picture of Prafful Kumar Prafful Kumar(NIIT)
    Trainee : 30
Sl.No. Trainee NameDesignationPolice NoPolice StationGrade
1Picture of AJAY KR. MAHTO Ajay Kr. MahtoCONSTABLE 2410Musabani P.s.
2Picture of ANAND KR. KUJUR Anand Kr. KujurASST. SUB INSPECTOR Police Line
3Picture of ANANT KR. SHARMA Anant Kr. SharmaCONSTABLE 228Ghatsila P.s.
4Picture of BIRENDRA KUMAR Birendra KumarCONSTABLE 2408Chakuliya P.s.
5Picture of BISWANATH SINGH Biswanath SinghCONSTABLE 77Bistupur P.s.
6Picture of CHANDRADEO SINGH Chandradeo SinghCONSTABLE 260Mango P.s.
7Picture of CHANDRAWATI GAGRAI Chandrawati GagraiCONSTABLE 2146Sakchi P.s.
8Picture of deepanjali tirkey Deepanjali TirkeyASST. SUB INSPECTOR Burmamines P.s.
9Picture of GURUPRASAD MAHTO Guruprasad MahtoCONSTABLE 2432Chakuliya P.s.
10Picture of HARENDRANATH MAHTO Harendranath MahtoCONSTABLE 2431Behragora P.s.
11Picture of HARERAM CHOUDHARI Hareram ChoudhariASST. SUB INSPECTOR Kadma P.s.
12Picture of INDRA TUDDU Indra TudduCONSTABLE 1508Sitaramdera Tiger Unit
13Picture of K.S. SMITHA SIVAN K.s. Smitha SivanCONSTABLE 2270Police Line
14Picture of KAMALAKANT MURMU Kamalakant MurmuCONSTABLE 2194Dulal Bhuiya's Bodyguard
15Picture of KAMDEO PASWAN Kamdeo PaswanCONSTABLE 244Sakchi P.s.
16Picture of KRI. NANDANI PRADHAN Kri. Nandani PradhanCONSTABLE 2161Birsanagar P.s.
17Picture of KUSUMLATA Kusumlata CONSTABLE 1933Sakchi P.s.
18Picture of MAHLI LAKRA Mahli LakraCONSTABLE 1517Telco Tiger Unit
19Picture of MANSIDHAH PADGADA Mansidhah PadgadaCONSTABLE 2439Kadma P.s.
20Picture of MD. FAROOQ KHAN Md. Farooq KhanASST. SUB INSPECTOR Bistupur P.s.
21Picture of MITHILESH KR. TIWARY Mithilesh Kr. TiwaryCONSTABLE 1375Bistupur Tiger Unit
22Picture of RAJENDRA BHAGAT Rajendra BhagatASST. SUB INSPECTOR Parsudih P.s.
23Picture of RAJESHWAR PD. SINGH Rajeshwar Pd. SinghASST. SUB INSPECTOR Bistupur P.s.
24Picture of RAMBHA DEVI Rambha DeviCONSTABLE 1413Sonari P.s.
25Picture of RAMNARESH PURTY Ramnaresh PurtyCONSTABLE 1540Sitaramdera Tiger Unit
26Picture of REMANT KR PAN Remant Kr PanASST. SUB INSPECTOR Bermamines
27Picture of SAVITRI KUMARI Savitri KumariCONSTABLE 2016Bistupur P.s.
28Picture of SHASHIRANJAN SINGH Shashiranjan SinghCONSTABLE 1629Pcr
29Picture of SURESH KR. BHAGAT Suresh Kr. BhagatCONSTABLE 542Sakchi P.s.
30Picture of VRINDALAL RAM Vrindalal RamCONSTABLE 99Golmuri P.s.

Batch Image:

Basic IT Trainees Enrolled : 31987

CAS Trainees Enrolled : 15712

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