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User Basic Information

Syed Hasnain Hussain
Date of Birth
Sl.No.Batch NameCourseTrainee
1DTC BOKARO:15-Jan-2018 to 20-Jan-2018(NIIT)IIF FORM TRAINING3
2DTC BOKARO:08-Jan-2018 to 13-Jan-2018(NIIT)IIF FORM TRAINING5
3DTC BOKARO:25-Dec-2017 to 30-Dec-2017(NIIT)IIF FORM TRAINING4
4DTC BOKARO:18-Dec-2017 to 23-Dec-2017(NIIT)IIF FORM TRAINING2
5DTC BOKARO:11-Dec-2017 to 16-Dec-2017(NIIT)IIF FORM TRAINING8
6DTC BOKARO:04-Dec-2017 to 09-Dec-2017(NIIT)IIF FORM TRAINING6
7DTC BOKARO:27-Nov-2017 to 02-Dec-2017(NIIT)IIF FORM TRAINING3
8DTC BOKARO:20-Nov-2017 to 25-Nov-2017(NIIT)IIF FORM TRAINING4
9DTC BOKARO:13-Nov-2017 to 18-Nov-2017(NIIT)IIF FORM TRAINING6
10DTC BOKARO:06-Nov-2017 to 11-Nov-2017(NIIT)IIF FORM TRAINING6
11DTC BOKARO:30-Oct-2017 to 04-Nov-2017(NIIT)IIF FORM TRAINING7
12DTC BOKARO:23-Oct-2017 to 28-Oct-2017(NIIT)IIF FORM TRAINING10
13DTC BOKARO:16-Oct-2017 to 21-Oct-2017(NIIT)IIF FORM TRAINING10
14DTC BOKARO:09-Oct-2017 to 14-Oct-2017(NIIT)IIF FORM TRAINING8
15DTC BOKARO:22-Jun-2017 to 24-Jun-2017(NIIT)IIF FORM TRAINING4
16DTC BOKARO:19-Jun-2017 to 21-Jun-2017(NIIT)IIF FORM TRAINING1
17DTC BOKARO:15-Jun-2017 to 17-Jun-2017(NIIT)IIF FORM TRAINING4
18DTC BOKARO:12-Jun-2017 to 14-Jun-2017(NIIT)IIF FORM TRAINING3
19DTC BOKARO:08-Jun-2017 to 10-Jun-2017(NIIT)IIF FORM TRAINING2
20DTC BOKARO:05-Jun-2017 to 07-Jun-2017(NIIT)IIF FORM TRAINING4
21DTC BOKARO:01-Jun-2017 to 03-Jun-2017(NIIT)IIF FORM TRAINING6
22DTC BOKARO:13-Apr-2017 to 15-Apr-2017(NIIT)IIF FORM TRAINING2
23DTC BOKARO:27-Mar-2017 to 29-Mar-2017(NIIT)IIF FORM TRAINING4
24DTC BOKARO:20-Mar-2017 to 22-Mar-2017(NIIT)IIF FORM TRAINING7
25DTC BOKARO:13-Mar-2017 to 15-Mar-2017(NIIT)IIF FORM TRAINING3
26DTC BOKARO:09-Mar-2017 to 11-Mar-2017(NIIT)IIF FORM TRAINING6
27DTC BOKARO:06-Mar-2017 to 08-Mar-2017(NIIT)IIF FORM TRAINING4
28DTC BOKARO:02-Mar-2017 to 04-Mar-2017(NIIT)IIF FORM TRAINING3
29DTC BOKARO:27-Feb-2017 to 01-Mar-2017(NIIT)IIF FORM TRAINING1
30DTC BOKARO:23-Feb-2017 to 25-Feb-2017(NIIT)IIF FORM TRAINING2
31DTC BOKARO:20-Feb-2017 to 22-Feb-2017(NIIT)IIF FORM TRAINING3
32DTC BOKARO:16-Feb-2017 to 18-Feb-2017(NIIT)IIF FORM TRAINING3
33DTC BOKARO:13-Feb-2017 to 15-Feb-2017(NIIT)IIF FORM TRAINING3
34DTC BOKARO:09-Feb-2017 to 11-Feb-2017(NIIT)IIF FORM TRAINING3
35DTC BOKARO:06-Feb-2017 to 08-Feb-2017(NIIT)IIF FORM TRAINING7
36DTC BOKARO:02-Feb-2017 to 04-Feb-2017(NIIT)IIF FORM TRAINING8
37DTC BOKARO:30-Jan-2017 to 01-Feb-2017(NIIT)IIF FORM TRAINING3
38DTC BOKARO:26-Jan-2017 to 28-Jan-2017(NIIT)IIF FORM TRAINING3
39DTC BOKARO:23-Jan-2017 to 25-Jan-2017(NIIT)IIF FORM TRAINING4
40DTC BOKARO:19-Jan-2017 to 21-Jan-2017(NIIT)IIF FORM TRAINING5
41DTC BOKARO:16-Jan-2017 to 18-Jan-2017(NIIT)IIF FORM TRAINING2
42DTC BOKARO:12-Jan-2017 to 14-Jan-2017(NIIT)IIF FORM TRAINING4
43DTC BOKARO:09-Jan-2017 to 11-Jan-2017(NIIT)IIF FORM TRAINING5
44DTC BOKARO:05-Jan-2017 to 07-Jan-2017(NIIT)IIF FORM TRAINING6
45DTC BOKARO:02-Jan-2017 to 04-Jan-2017(NIIT)IIF FORM TRAINING6
46DTC BOKARO:29-Dec-2016 to 31-Dec-2016(NIIT)IIF FORM TRAINING1
47DTC BOKARO:26-Dec-2016 to 28-Dec-2016(NIIT)IIF FORM TRAINING7
48DTC BOKARO:22-Dec-2016 to 24-Dec-2016(NIIT)IIF FORM TRAINING7
49DTC BOKARO:19-Dec-2016 to 21-Dec-2016(NIIT)IIF FORM TRAINING5
50DTC BOKARO:15-Dec-2016 to 17-Dec-2016(NIIT)IIF FORM TRAINING5
51DTC BOKARO:12-Dec-2016 to 14-Dec-2016(NIIT)IIF FORM TRAINING6
52DTC BOKARO:08-Dec-2016 to 10-Dec-2016(NIIT)IIF FORM TRAINING5
53DTC BOKARO:05-Dec-2016 to 07-Dec-2016(NIIT)IIF FORM TRAINING7
54DTC BOKARO:28-Nov-2016 to 30-Nov-2016(NIIT)IIF FORM TRAINING2
55DTC BOKARO:24-Nov-2016 to 26-Nov-2016(NIIT)IIF FORM TRAINING6
56DTC BOKARO:21-Nov-2016 to 23-Nov-2016(NIIT)IIF FORM TRAINING6
57DTC BOKARO:17-Nov-2016 to 19-Nov-2016(NIIT)IIF FORM TRAINING8
58DTC BOKARO:10-Nov-2016 to 12-Nov-2016(NIIT)IIF FORM TRAINING4
59DTC BOKARO:07-Nov-2016 to 09-Nov-2016(NIIT)IIF FORM TRAINING6
60DTC BOKARO:03-Nov-2016 to 05-Nov-2016(NIIT)IIF FORM TRAINING7
61DTC BOKARO:31-Oct-2016 to 02-Nov-2016(NIIT)IIF FORM TRAINING8
62DTC BOKARO:24-Oct-2016 to 26-Oct-2016(NIIT)IIF FORM TRAINING3
63DTC BOKARO:20-Oct-2016 to 22-Oct-2016(NIIT)IIF FORM TRAINING3
64DTC BOKARO:17-Oct-2016 to 19-Oct-2016(NIIT)IIF FORM TRAINING6
65DTC BOKARO:06-Oct-2016 to 08-Oct-2016(NIIT)IIF FORM TRAINING7
66DTC BOKARO:03-Oct-2016 to 05-Oct-2016(NIIT)IIF FORM TRAINING6
67DTC BOKARO:29-Sep-2016 to 01-Oct-2016(NIIT)IIF FORM TRAINING5
68DTC BOKARO:26-Sep-2016 to 28-Sep-2016(NIIT)IIF FORM TRAINING8
69DTC BOKARO:22-Sep-2016 to 24-Sep-2016(NIIT)IIF FORM TRAINING8
70DTC BOKARO:19-Sep-2016 to 21-Sep-2016(NIIT)IIF FORM TRAINING7
71DTC BOKARO:15-Sep-2016 to 17-Sep-2016(NIIT)IIF FORM TRAINING6
72DTC BOKARO:12-Sep-2016 to 14-Sep-2016(NIIT)IIF FORM TRAINING3
73DTC BOKARO:08-Sep-2016 to 10-Sep-2016(NIIT)IIF FORM TRAINING9
74DTC BOKARO:05-Sep-2016 to 07-Sep-2016(NIIT)IIF FORM TRAINING12
75DTC BOKARO:01-Sep-2016 to 03-Sep-2016(NIIT)IIF FORM TRAINING15
76DTC BOKARO:06-Jun-2016 to 11-Jun-2016(NIIT)IIF FORM TRAINING6
77DTC BOKARO:30-May-2016 to 04-Jun-2016(NIIT)IIF FORM TRAINING11
78DTC BOKARO:23-May-2016 to 28-May-2016(NIIT)IIF FORM TRAINING5
79DTC BOKARO:09-May-2016 to 14-May-2016(NIIT)IIF FORM TRAINING7
80DTC BOKARO:02-May-2016 to 07-May-2016(NIIT)IIF FORM TRAINING11
81DTC BOKARO:19-Apr-2016 to 23-Apr-2016(NIIT)IIF FORM TRAINING6
82DTC BOKARO:04-Apr-2016 to 09-Apr-2016(NIIT)IIF FORM TRAINING9
83DTC BOKARO:28-Mar-2016 to 02-Apr-2016(NIIT)IIF FORM TRAINING10
84DTC BOKARO:07-Mar-2016 to 12-Mar-2016(NIIT)IIF FORM TRAINING11
85DTC BOKARO:29-Feb-2016 to 05-Mar-2016(NIIT)IIF FORM TRAINING10
86DTC BOKARO:22-Feb-2016 to 27-Feb-2016(NIIT)IIF FORM TRAINING7
87DTC BOKARO:15-Feb-2016 to 20-Feb-2016(NIIT)IIF FORM TRAINING9
88DTC BOKARO:08-Feb-2016 to 13-Feb-2016(NIIT)IIF FORM TRAINING12
89DTC BOKARO:01-Feb-2016 to 06-Feb-2016(NIIT)IIF FORM TRAINING12
90DTC BOKARO:25-Jan-2016 to 30-Jan-2016(NIIT)IIF FORM TRAINING12
91DTC BOKARO:18-Jan-2016 to 23-Jan-2016(NIIT)IIF FORM TRAINING8
92DTC BOKARO:11-Jan-2016 to 16-Jan-2016(NIIT)IIF FORM TRAINING10
93DTC BOKARO:01-Jan-2016 to 07-Jan-2016(NIIT)IIF FORM TRAINING15
94DTC BOKARO:02-Nov-2015 to 07-Nov-2015(NIIT)IIF FORM TRAINING3
95DTC BOKARO:26-Oct-2015 to 31-Oct-2015(NIIT)IIF FORM TRAINING2
96DTC BOKARO:12-Oct-2015 to 17-Oct-2015(NIIT)IIF FORM TRAINING11
97DTC BOKARO:05-Oct-2015 to 10-Oct-2015(NIIT)IIF FORM TRAINING5
98DTC BOKARO:28-Sep-2015 to 03-Oct-2015(NIIT)IIF FORM TRAINING10
99DTC BOKARO:21-Sep-2015 to 23-Sep-2015(NIIT)IIF FORM TRAINING4
100DTC BOKARO:16-Sep-2015 to 26-Sep-2015(NIIT)CAS9
101DTC BOKARO:14-Sep-2015 to 19-Sep-2015(NIIT)IIF FORM TRAINING7
102DTC BOKARO:08-Jun-2015 to 13-Jun-2015(NIIT)CAS8
103DTC BOKARO:18-May-2015 to 23-May-2015(NIIT)CAS4
104DTC BOKARO:11-May-2015 to 16-May-2015(NIIT)CAS6
105DTC BOKARO:04-May-2015 to 09-May-2015(NIIT)CAS2
106DTC BOKARO:27-Apr-2015 to 02-May-2015(NIIT)CAS4
107DTC BOKARO:13-Apr-2015 to 18-Apr-2015(NIIT)CAS8
108DTC BOKARO:06-Apr-2015 to 11-Apr-2015(NIIT)CAS8
109DTC BOKARO:30-Mar-2015 to 04-Apr-2015(NIIT)CAS8
110DTC BOKARO:23-Mar-2015 to 28-Mar-2015(NIIT)CAS7
111DTC BOKARO:16-Mar-2015 to 21-Mar-2015(NIIT)CAS9
112DTC BOKARO:09-Mar-2015 to 14-Mar-2015(NIIT)CAS7
113DTC BOKARO:02-Mar-2015 to 07-Mar-2015(NIIT)CAS6
114DTC BOKARO:23-Feb-2015 to 28-Feb-2015(NIIT)CAS4
115DTC BOKARO:16-Feb-2015 to 21-Feb-2015(NIIT)CAS8
116DTC BOKARO:09-Feb-2015 to 14-Feb-2015(NIIT)CAS8
117DTC BOKARO:02-Feb-2015 to 07-Feb-2015(NIIT)CAS8
118DTC BOKARO:26-Jan-2015 to 31-Jan-2015(NIIT)CAS9
119DTC BOKARO:19-Jan-2015 to 24-Jan-2015(NIIT)CAS7
120DTC BOKARO:12-Jan-2015 to 17-Jan-2015(NIIT)CAS10
121DTC BOKARO:27-Oct-2014 to 01-Nov-2014(NIIT)CAS8
122DTC BOKARO:20-Oct-2014 to 25-Oct-2014(NIIT)CAS6
123DTC BOKARO:13-Oct-2014 to 18-Oct-2014(NIIT)CAS9
124DTC BOKARO:06-Oct-2014 to 11-Oct-2014(NIIT)CAS10
125DTC BOKARO:29-Sep-2014 to 04-Oct-2014(NIIT)CAS10
126DTC BOKARO:22-Sep-2014 to 27-Sep-2014(NIIT)CAS8
127DTC BOKARO:15-Sep-2014 to 20-Sep-2014(NIIT)CAS6
128DTC BOKARO:08-Sep-2014 to 13-Sep-2014(NIIT)CAS8
129DTC BOKARO:01-Sep-2014 to 06-Sep-2014(NIIT)CAS8
130DTC BOKARO:25-Aug-2014 to 30-Aug-2014(NIIT)CAS9
131DTC BOKARO:18-Aug-2014 to 23-Aug-2014(NIIT)CAS6
132DTC BOKARO:11-Aug-2014 to 16-Aug-2014(NIIT)CAS5
133DTC BOKARO:04-Aug-2014 to 09-Aug-2014(NIIT)CAS5
134DTC BOKARO:28-Jul-2014 to 02-Aug-2014(NIIT)CAS4
135DTC BOKARO:21-Jul-2014 to 26-Jul-2014(NIIT)CAS7
136DTC BOKARO:14-Jul-2014 to 19-Jul-2014(NIIT)CAS6
137DTC BOKARO:07-Jul-2014 to 12-Jul-2014(NIIT)CAS8
138DTC BOKARO:30-Jun-2014 to 05-Jul-2014(NIIT)CAS9
139DTC BOKARO:23-Jun-2014 to 28-Jun-2014(NIIT)CAS5
140DTC BOKARO:16-Jun-2014 to 21-Jun-2014(NIIT)CAS8
141DTC BOKARO:09-Jun-2014 to 14-Jun-2014(NIIT)CAS7

Basic IT Trainees Enrolled : 31980

CAS Trainees Enrolled : 15725

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